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Michael Jordan Might Well Have Faked His Flu

Food poisoning does not seem to make the right impact as Flu does. Still, according to Tim Grover, who has been a longtime trainer for Michael Jordan, that’s exactly what the epic performance given by Michael Jordan in the 5th Game of the 1997 NBA Finals should have been recognized as, instead of Flu. Jordan, during that match, was not physically fit, which had got described as him having symptoms similar to that of flu but still managed to score 38 points. Apart from this, he had even added five assists, seven rebounds, and also drilled the game's winning shot through a victory with the scoreline of 90-88 that gave the Bulls a lead of 3-2 in the series over the Jazz.

Grover Feels That Jordan Didn’t Have Flu

Tim Grover revealed that Michael Jordan did not suffer from the flu. This revelation can become one of the major daily news sports as it involves the ace basketball player, Michael Jordan. He further went on to say that it simply sounds much better when someone says flu rather than food poisoning. Word had spread out at the place where the Bulls were staying. It was in Salt Lake City and five delivery men had come over there with pizzas. According to Jordan’s trainer, Jordan, who was hungry at that time had eaten a few slices before going over to sleep. Other than him, no one had touched the food.

Early Morning Call

Around 3 am, Grover had received a call in his room, where a voice asked him to go over to Michael Jordan's room, saying that Jordan had his back curved, the head had bowed, limbs were bent and had drawn right up to the torso. Grover said that he has not come across any flu which could hit someone so fast and hence he is pretty sure that it was a clear case of food poisoning.

So, it becomes quite clear that Jordan had disclosed his food poisoning and went on to give it the name of the flu.

This Disclosure Can Have An Impact On Jordan’s Image

The disclosure which Tim Grover has done about Jordan's health issue back in the year 1997 by proving that the basketball player was suffering from food poisoning rather than Jordan's claim of him suffering from flu, it can have a significant impact on the image of Michael Jordan as a basketball player.

Hence, this can also turn out to be one of the major sports stories of the week which can raise multiple speculations, where some people could back the basketball player's claims while others might treat it as fake news.

Health Issue Did Not Stop Jordan From Competing

During that game back in 1997, health problems did not prevent Jordan from playing for 44 minutes. He had still managed to give an extremely gutsy performance. An image from the final few seconds of the match which still lives on the minds of all those who had seen it was that of Scottie Pippen carrying out a weak Michael Jordan back to his bench.

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