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The coursework is a research project that students write mostly in their second or third year. It is a compulsory part of the educational program for every student, this work is included in the curriculum, also you can use For students, the coursework is an opportunity to see if they are interested in research or not, and to try their hand at academic work.

The size of a fully written term paper is one (40,000 characters) or one and a half (60,000 characters) academic (printed) sheets, Its mandatory parts:

  1. Title page. On it you need to specify the name of the university, the theme of the work, your name and the name of the supervisor - but be sure to use the template that is officially selected in your university;
  2. Introduction: this is the draft of the term paper, it is necessary to specify the object and subject of the research, the research question, the hypothesis, formulate the goals and objectives of the research;
  3. the main part: it includes the theoretical part and the practical part. In the theoretical you need to make an overview and analysis of scientific theories that you rely on in the work, and in the practical - give examples to confirm your theoretical thesis, here you can click this link.
  4. Conclusion: this is a summary, in which you should tell about the results of the study and, if possible, explain why they turned out so. If you don`t know how to do you homework, just read more information.

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